November 30, 2010

FRAMED ➋ ❏ November 2010

a cup of tea

For some reasons I am addicted to tea. 
Early in the morning, during meals, at tea time, before go to bed....
there's always room for a hot cup of tea.

Here my latest favs strictly by Mariage Frères

from Japan. renowned for its delicate exquisite aroma. It is also invigorating, very rich in 
vitamin C and naturally low in theine, thus helping to clear the mind. 
 Its fine leaves, grand aroma, and subtle taste indicate its outstanding quality. 
It is generally taken without sugar, and is ideal during or after a meal. 
A green tea for connoisseurs.

and for special occasions

Lapsang Souchong Imperial
from China. the most refined smoky black tea. the leaves are smoked over
rare aromatic woods, the taste is unique and plenty of harmony

If you have the chance go visit Mariage Frères shop in Paris for a supreme taste experience, 
or enjoy the site and discover the top teas variety.

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  1. love tea too..love MF and their teas! Jasmine my favourite!